The First Secret to Financial Security: Take Control [PART 1]

09/13/2021 06:20 PM By Paul Thompson

Did you know one of the biggest financial mistakes most people make is dependence?

Dependence on others allows “outside” factors in people’s lives to control them.

The secret to financial security is learning to control the things you CAN control.


Paying yourself first means putting yourself and your family before any other demands on your money. Paying yourself first is a form of self-respect. Deposit a set amount each and every month into an investment program, no matter what other financial obligations you have. It’s amazing how fast your money can grow if you invest even a small amount regularly at a good rate of return.

Pay Yourself First MoneyTips4U


It’s been said that:

If you make $10 and spend $9 = happiness

If you make $10 and spend $11 = misery

As you begin your journey to financial independence, remember this key point: It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. 
Adjust Your Priorities and put things in perspective Money Tips 4U


The way you think about money is everything. Your mindset is a powerful thing — especially when it comes to money.

That explains why so many of the people who win the lottery … end up losing it all. It helps you understand how so many millionaires are self made.

What is the difference between the two groups? It’s how they think. If you think you don’t deserve to be financially secure, you’ll never be financially secure. However, if you “upgrade” your self-image and believe you deserve the freedom and peace of mind that financial security provides, you’ll have a better chance of doing what needs to be done to obtain wealth beyond your dreams.

The Money Mindset

Along with setting priorities comes one tough rule of life: You can’t have everything. You have to make conscious decisions about every purchase.

An important concept to understand is want vs. need:

• A need is something you have to have, something you can’t do without. You “need” food. You “need” shelter.

• A want is something you would like to have. You “want” ice cream. You “want” a bigger house.

If you want to achieve financial independence, you may have to make sacrifices for a period of time and go without some of your “wants.” It’s not that tough, but it is very, very important to your financial health

Watch out for Part 2~! 

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